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The following tips are all pretty obvious but are easily overlooked; especially in the excitement that follows a new arrival or when you are still adjusting to your new routine.

1. Lighting
Try and take your photos in a room where there is good natural light. A room with large windows or a conservatory perhaps. Try not to take your picture in too bright direct sunlight as this may be too harsh.
Take your picture with the light source behind you as shooting toward a brighter light may cause your subject to appear in shadow.

Taking pictures indoors with no natural light can work fine but try and avoid using the camera's flash if possible so that you can eliminate red-eye and harsh shadows.

2. Subject

Obviously you are taking a picture of your new addition that you want to shoutabout. However, sometimes people do not get close enough or do not zoom close enough in to their subject. Your living room may look very nice and tidy but the baby is the focus so get in close and click away. As a rule portrait photographers take pictures at eye level with their subject. If you are having someone hold your baby whilst taking the picture. Try a different angle, a different perspective.

Interesting expressions make a good photo!
Be ready to capture your baby's smile, frown, yawn etc. If you are taking a picture of a newborn baby; an inquisitive look or a peaceful sleeping photo can also engage the recipient.

3. Background.

Keep the background of your picture uncluttered. A picture with many objects in focus will detract from the baby photo that you want everyone to be smiling about.

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